UNICOFFEE was founded in 2008 in Livadia by people with a passion for coffee and a love for coffee cervices. If you are looking for recognizable and established blends, in our coffee lab you will find the popular espresso blends of exclusive distribution HAUSBRANDT, NADALI & ANTICA TOSTATURA TRIESTINA. But if you want a unique taste that will give you a special identity, we undertake the creation of custom made blends of high quality, in collaboration with the Greek Qualita Unica and the state-of-the-art coffee processing factory of the company.

It is not enough for us to supply you with premium varieties of coffee. In order to compliment them with equally fine products, we offer a wide variety of drinks (tea, chocolate, etc.), beverages, handmade baked goods, snacks and more.

In our facilities there is a showroom, to get to know our products better, a training center for the training of your staff and a service room for the maintenance of your equipment. In addition to full technical support 365 days / year, we offer you consulting services for the best possible organization of your space, as well as systematic updaiting, in order to be the first to learn all the international trends.