We give you the opportunity to select among the most popular and beloved espresso blends or to create your own unique blend with our guidance, in the coffee lab that we have. Our goal is to help you differentiate yourself from the competition, by offering premium and recognizable coffee blends.


We offer professional advice,in order to better organize your space and business, avoiding unnecessary mistakes which cost. We undertake newly established or and existing cafes with the same enthusiasm and we don’t stop supporting you, until you achieve the goals you have set for your business.

We provide you with service 365 days a year from our specialized service room. We give great importance to technical support (presales & after sales), and for this we carry out periodic quality controls of machines, as well as water quality controls, by responsibly proposing the required water filtration units, in order to achieve the desired result.

We undertake the continuous training of your baristas through the workshops that we organize in our equipped training center. Our main concern is to make sure that your staff will have both the required expertise and confidence, as well as a love for coffee, in order to bring out all the drinks you offer in the best possible way.

We systematically inform you about new products and trends in coffee service, in order to create (or maintain) an undivided and modern urban aesthetic in your place, by paying attention to details that make the difference, such as the packaging of the products.